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IN THE THIRD of a series of community outreach presentations, The Robert Green Company and Zephyr held a workshop at the Powerhouse to present more specific design concepts for a proposed resort on the 16-acre bluff property overlooking Dog Beach.

The property, previously owned by several private parties, has not been available to the public for 100 years, and area residents were encouraged to meet with the developers and architects to share their input on the public amenities that would be most attractive to them.

Already included are extensive pedestrian trails around the perimeter that also wind throughout the hotels and villas. Pedestrians will be able to access the trails through the Scripps Preserve trails already owned by the City, and by an ADA ramp built to blend into the bluffs below the resort. More public parking and a new restroom are planned for the Dog Beach area.

In addition to the 251 hotel rooms and 86 private villas, another hotel with lower-cost accommodations is proposed. Their plans include some workforce housing units and other affordable housing units. A restaurant, accessible by car or trails, will be open to the public. Underground parking will be available to both resort guests and the public.

The resort, which will be terraced to minimize the view from the highway, will be built with roof lines that all fall below the existing tree line, and will use natural materials and lots of glass to blend, as much as possible, with the existing topography. Comprehensive studies relating to the bluff’s geography have been conducted with a team of geological experts, and the design reflects consultation with City and Coastal Commission staff. Based on input received at the meeting, the developers will be refining their design and continuing to reach out to the residents of Del Mar.

Brad Termini, CEO of Zephyr, assured residents that “connectivity to the community and access to the resort for ALL people – both local residents and visitors” is their most important goal, and encouraged anyone interested in more information to contact them at

Ed note: The City Council recently adopted a policy on Processing Specific Plans that will guide the processing of this development proposal which can be found here:

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